• Bangus (Milkfish)
• Sardines in Tomato Garlic Sauce

Made the traditional Spanish style using specially selected fish, tomatoes, garlic and special spices are then sauteed before it is slowly steam-cooked and aged. Giving these products its authenticSpanish flavor. Now you can also create your own favorite pizza and pasta dishes!

•Dried Herring (Tuyo) in Olive Oil
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Sanitarily dried fish are seasoned with garlic and special spices. Best enjoyed during breakfast with rice and eggs.

• Sardines Pâté Mild

• Bangus Pâté (Milkfish Pâté) Mild

Made by carefully blending the fish with all of its ingredients, leaving these products meaty and tasty. Serve as canapés or roll ups. Good for sandwich filling as well.

• Chipirones en su Tinta(Baby Squid) in Olive Oil

Carefully selected baby squid are sauteed in Olive oil with its own ink and special spices. Just add to your favorite pasta or Paella, your family would think you spent hours in the kitchen.  

•Smoked Sardines in Corn Oil

•Smoked Bangus (Smoked Milk Fish) in Corn Oil
•Smoked Almejas (Baby Clams) in Olive Oil

Carefully selected fish or clams are patiently smoked with specially selected wood giving these products its distinct smoked flavor. Toss  with your green salad or serve as an appetizer with crackers or crostini.


•Almejas (Baby Clams) in Olive Oil, Mild

•Bangus (Milkfish) in Olive Oil , Hot & Spicy
•Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil and Corn Oil, Mild or Hot & Spicy
•Chipirones Picantes (Baby Squid) in Olive Oil , Hot & Spicy
Carefully selected fish, clams or baby squid are sauteed in olive oil in special spices. It is then slowly steam cooked giving these products its exquisite taste and flavor. Best enjoyed during breakfast with rice and eggs. Also goes well with you favorite crackers, pizza and pasta!


•Sauteed Shrimp (Bagoong) in Coconut Oil   Sweet

•Sauteed Shrimp (Bagoong) in Corn Oil   Hot and Spicy
Just the thought of enjoying our Sauteed Bagoong with your green mango is enough to make your mouth water. Try it and discover for yourself why this is a must in every Filipino menu..